Kamis, 31 Mei 2012


Online gambling flick RUNNER RUNNER is really getting a steamy cast: "Variety" writes that gorgeous British star Gemma Arterton (PRINCE OF PERSIA, DISAPPEARANCE OF ALICE CREED) has joined pop super star and praised actor Justin Timberlake and Ben Affleck in the story of a Princeton student (Justin Timberlake), who loses his tuition due to an online gaming addiction. He ends up becoming the sidekick to the site's corrupt boss. Gemma will play Justin's girlfriend! Gemma also has HANSEL AND GRETEL THE WITCH HUNTERS coming up next January next to Jeremy Renner.
In short news: according to "Deadline" Lionsgate is planning to make
TV series out of a number of its hit films. The first three on the list of projects which might become TV shows are THE EXPENDABLES which followed old action stars in action again (the film version starred Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dolph Lundgren...), STEP UP which followed young people competing in dance (the film made Channing Tatum famous and gave him his real life wife Jenna Dewan) and RED which also has old agents returning to do some agent business again (the film starred Helen Mirren, Bruce Willis, Karl Urban, John Malkovich)... It's also interesting that all of these films have either potential sequels in the work or those already made ones which will premiere this year.

Oh, people, here it is, here it is! The first trailer for long awaited BBC series THE HOLLOW CROWN or Shakespeare Unlocked, which is ready to air this summer! It is the NBC Universal's and BBC's project
on the TV adaptation of 4 of Shakespeare's major plays in the form of TV dramas with stunning casts and magnificent sets and costumes. The first one to be aired this summer on BBC is RICHARD II in which Ben Whishaw stars as the King, alongside a phenomenal cast including Rory Kinnear, Patrick Stewart, David Suchet, David Morrissey, Clemence Poesy as the queen, Lindsay Duncan and James Purefoy. The producer of this one and the other three dramas is famous director Sam Mendes. The second in the project will be HENRY IV, to be shot in two parts, with Jeremy Irons as King Henry IV in the drama 
directed by famous Richard Eyre. Tom Hiddleston is Prince Hal in the cast which also includes GAME OF THRONES Harry Lloyd. The last film in the series will be HENRY V in which Tom Hiddleston ascends to the throne to play the role of King Henry V, while Lamber Wilson will play the King of France with Julie Walters and Jon 
Hurt also in the cast. This one was be shot last year, after RICHARD II, while two parts of HENRY IV were shot this year. It is interesting that the production teams of all of these films include people who worked on classics such as THE PIANO, THE KING'S SPEECH,
CRANFORD, DOWTON ABBEY, THE QUEEN... The whole project is done to mark London 2012 Festival and The Cultural Olympiad on the BBC which coincides with the summer Olympics.
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Rabu, 30 Mei 2012


Here's a new project with a rather rich cast: as "Variety" reports today, Adam Shankman's comedy drama THIS IS WHERE I LEAVE YOU, in which the story will follow a highly dysfunctional and non-religious family, who has to sit Shivah for seven days as a dying request from their father, has added a lot of new stars - Zac Efron, Leslie Mann (she's currently starring in GOOD CHRISTIAN BITCHES at ABC), Malin Akerman, Jason Bateman, Goldie Hawn, Jason Sudeikis ... The film is based on a novel by Jonathan Tropper. And according to "Deadline" Gillian Anderson has joined Victor Garber, Rufus Sewell, Haley Joel Osment in I'LL FOLLOW YOU DOWN. The story follows the wife of missing scientist Gabriel (Rufus Sewell), who disappeared during a business trip but years later the family finds out that their missing loved one might mysteriously still be alive. Haley Joel Osment will play the son and Victor Garber is the grandfather.
After giving the world four visual masterpieces THE CELL, THE FALL, IMMORTALS and MIRROR MIRROR, it seems that we shall again see
Tarsem Singh's visual splendour in another epic. According to "Twitch" instead of doing a smaller film as he announced recently, Tarsem will do an oriental epic on MARCO POLO heading over to China. An American / Chinese co-production backed by Endgame Entertainment, Tarsem's next will be an English language period picture about the travels of Marco Polo to China. And while the actor who will play Polo himself has not yet been announced Screen International brings word that Gong Li (CURSE OF THE GOLDEN FLOWER) has been cast as the female lead. As I've reported earlier, Starz is also preparing a new TV show on MARCO POLO.

And here's something unexpected: the first rather spectacular trailer for Tom Hopper's (THE KING'S SPEECH) musical drama LES MISERABLES is here! Ready to battle with THE HOBBIT in cinemas
this December, the adaptation of Victor Hugo's novel follows prisoner Jean Valjean, who is released from prison and breaks parole to create a new life for himself while evading the grip of the persistent Inspector
Javert. Set in early 19th-century France, the story reaches resolution against the background of the July Revolution of 1832. One of the most starstudded casts ever includes Hugh Jackman as Valjean, Russell 
Crowe as Javert, Anne Hathaway, Amanda Seyfried and Helena Bonham Carter in female roles, young star Eddie Redmayne (BIRDSONG, PILLARS OF THE EARTH)...
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Selasa, 29 Mei 2012


According to "Digital Spy" one of HOLLYWOOD SPY's fave TV hunks of all times, Ryan McPartlin (CHUCK, LIVING WITH FRAN) will take one of the lead roles in DAYBREAK, which is a  spin-off of
popular TV show TOUCH with Kiefer Sutherland.  Loosely connected to its parent series, it will also star Sarah Roemer (The Event) and Ryan Eggold (90210). DAYBREAK is described as "a series of online films... about the magic of technology and a global conspiracy to control an ancient and powerful object called a dodecahedron".

According to "MovieWeb" Relativity Media is developing two interesting new projects in cooperation with Luc Besson's EuropaCorp: MALAVITA, which follows the Manzonis, a mafia family that gets relocated to Normandy, France under a witness protection program with Robert de Niro in the lead role, and THREE DAYS TO KILL, which follows a Secret Service Agent who discovers he is dying and decides to retire in order to reconnect with his family. The Secret Service offers him access to an experimental drug that could save his life in
exchange for one last assignment. Meanwhile, "Deadline" reports that BBC has greenlit THE LADIES PARADISE, an eight episode series loosely based on an Emile Zola’s novel. Set in England’s first department store, the series tells the rags-to-riches story of Denise Lovett (Joanna Vanderham), a young girl who works in the store and gets caught up in the charms of the modern world. Denise is a 19th-century Working Girl – big-hearted, smarter than she’s taken to be and more ambitious than her pretty eyes suggest.

Since it is a very slow week in the movie news department, my little freaks, the only new clip I have for you is a trailer for something that looks rather amusing and crazy: a clip for Chinese film TAI CHI O which mixes fantasy,
adventure, and steam punk which looks rather interesting in an Asian movie. The film by Stephen Fung, which will be released in USA in early 2013, follows an uncommonly gifted Yang Luchan who has a fleshy abnormality that holds tremendous power growing on his forehead. However, being teased as the town fool, Yang travels to the distant Chen Village to learn TAI CHI. At this legendary village everyone practices TAI CHI and uses TAI CHI in every aspect of their lives. Nevertheless, it is forbidden for a villager to disclose TAI CHI to an outsider, which Yang learns the hard way. Upon arriving at the village,
 locals discourage Yang by challenging him with fights. From the strong men to old ladies to children, everyone defeats Yang with their TAI CHI moves. After facing the toughest battle and being defeated by Master Chen’s beautiful daughter Yuniang, Yang is determined to master the art of TAI CHI and goes in search of Master Chen. Little does Yang know,
the poor strange man who he befriended is in fact Master Chen who had saved him from the duel with Yuniang. Master Chen realizes Yang’s genius and disguises himself to secretly guide Yang to his self realization of TAI CHI. One day, a frightening steam-powered machine comes to
the village, lead by Fang Zijing, a childhood friend of Yuniang. He has bribed government officials to permit him to build a railway that will run straight through the village. Yang decides to join forces with Yuniang to defeat Fang Zijing and destroy the machine. This brave act may just win him the hearts of the villagers… PS don't forget to click on the pics, to see all the wonderful detail on them.

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Senin, 28 Mei 2012


So first I have two British pieces of news today: according to "Screen Daily" Colin Firth will take the lead role in MAD DOGS AND ENGLISHMEN in which he will play famous Noel Coward during his eventful two week-stay at The Desert Inn in Las Vegas in 1955. On the other hand, always amazing Rupert Everett  is planning to make his directorial début with THE HAPPY PRINCE, a biopic of the famous
Irish writer Oscar Wilde in which he will take the lead role, while the above mentioned Colin Firth will play his friend and confidant Reginald "Reggie" Turner. According to "The Hollywood Reporter" the film, which will also star Tom Wilkinson and Emily Watson, will look at Wilde’s final, tragic days as he looks back on the disasters of his life with characteristic dry wit and black humour.

I've mentioned the shooting of CBGB film last week, which will follow the famous New York club from the last century which had a huge impact on the music scene. Beside Alan Rickman who will play the role of the club owner and Rupert Grint who will play Cheetah
Chrome, the guitarist for The Dead Boys, now the new cast members are Malin Akerman who will appear as Blondie singer Deborah Harry, and CASTLE's and Serbia's own Stana Katic who will play Genya Ravan, a producer who was the lead singer of pioneering 1960s rock band Goldie & the Gingerbreads, which many say was the first all-female band to have a recording contract.
Meanwhile, you can check out the first pic of Hailee Steinfeld and Douglas Booth in Carlo Carlei's movie adaptation of ROMEO AND JULIET in which Damian Lewis plays lord Capulet, Stellan Skarsgard will play the ruler of Verona, while Paul Giamatti plays the friar. GOSSIP GIRL's Ed Westwick plays Romeo's friend Tybalt. The film is being written by DOWNTON ABBEY's Julian Fellows!

Your trailer for today is a charming clip for upcoming comedy drama NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN with ever so charming and always
 enchanting Ryan Kwanten in the lead role  of a young playboy who learns he has one month until he becomes infertile so he sets out to procreate as much as possible. But, as you will see from the trailer, the movie is much more serious than that. Beside the beloved TRUE BLOOD Australian hunk, the cast also includes Serbian cutie pie Bojana Novakovic who is building up her career in Hollywood and you will soon see her next to Keanu Reeves in GENERATION UM and before that you've seen her in BURNING MAN with Matthew Goode and as Mel Gibson's daughter in EDGE OF DARKNESS. The film is out this June in Australia.
 I'm going back to work after my famous Borg surgery :), about which all the world tabloids wrote about, although none of them managed to get the steamy pictures of me getting naughty with my anaesthesiologist at the clinic :), which means that I will go back to posting stories a bit later in the day, closer to the times written in the right side bar! So you still get fresh news, but a bit later during the day! 
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 Last week I told you that new THOR 2 villain will be played by Mads Mikkelsen, and now IRON MAN 3 has also got a brand new rival for
the title hero: according to "Variety" hunky Ashley Hamilton (mostly known as one of Shannen Doherty's husbands, George Hamilton's son and Rod Stewart's stepson) could take the role of government cyborg Firepower, the pilot of an experimental armoured suit under the secret mission dubbed Project: Firepower, who eventually uses the suit to battle Iron Man. Meanwhile, THE BUTLER, the film which will follow Eugene Allen, the butler who served eight American presidents while he worked in the White House from the 50's to the late 80's has new cast members.
Beside Forest Whitaker in the lead role and Oprah Winfrey as his wife, Cuba Gooding Jr, Terrence Howard, the film will also see Alan Rickman and Jane Fonda as the Regans, John Cusack as Richard Nixon, Matthew McConaughey as John Kennedy and gorgeous Minka Kelly (CHARLIE'S ANGELS) as Jackie Kennedy.

If you like comedies, you might not want to miss SQUIRRELS TO THE NUTS which will see Brie Larson (21 JUMP STREET)
portraying a prostitute who lands a role on Broadway. Owen Wilson is playing the Broadway director who gives her her big break while gorgeous Olivia Wilde will play a therapist trying to deal with her mother's alcohol problem.The film is being directed by famous Peter Bogdanovich. But, if like your HOLLYWOOD SPY, you prefer a good sf movie set in space, Warner Bros. has announced their work on THE WIND. The story is kept under wraps but it is known that it will be set in a colony somewhere in space. The film is being produced by MEN IN BLACK producers and will be directed by Nic Mathieu according to "The Hollywood Reporter".

And here's a warm trailer for you on a hectic Monday: hitting cinemas this June is I HEART SHAKEY, which follows the journey of
 a single father J.T, his nine-year-old daughter, Chandler and their devoted dog, Shakey. After landing his dream job in Chicago, J.T. has to make the hardest decision of his life by moving his family of three to the big city from their small town. Shortly after they settle into their new luxurious home, they realize they have missed the fine print in the rental contract stating "no pets." Devastated by the possible loss of her beloved pet, Chandler hatches a plan to keep Shakey and teach her dad a valuable lesson about loyalty and the importance of keeping a family together. The cast includes two faces from the 80's Steve Guttenberg and Beverly D'Angelo.
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I bet you will agree with me that the best comedies usually come from the British isles. They have horrid food, bad weather, but they sure do know how to use humour on film. Here are three of the upcoming comedy films from Ireland and Britain.

We haven't seen always charming Brendan Fraser much lately, but here he is in WHOLE LOTTA SOLE, which was recently shown at Tribeca Film Festival. The story of the hilarious comedy revolves around a botched fish market
robbery that leads to the involvement of the local police and a gangster out for revenge. In a misguided attempt to protect his family and pay back gambling debts to the local Mobster, Jimbo (Martin McCan) robs a fish market, which is coincidentally owned by the same Mobster (David O'Hara). On the run, Jimbo is cornered in a local curio shop, where he takes hostage an assortment of colourful characters, including Maguire (Brendan Fraser), who may be his illegitimate father. Surrounded by the Police, the SAS, and the Mobster's crew, the young man must find a way out of his precarious predicament with the help of his oddball captives. The cast also includes Colm Meaney and the director is Academy Award Winner Terry George (IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER, HOTEL RWANDA).

Also shown at this year's Tribeca Film Festival was another Irish comedy set in Ireland THE RUNWAY.  The hilarious and touching movieis inspired by the true story of a South American pilot who landed his plane near Mallow, in 1983. Against all odds, the people of the town came together to build a runway to get him home and briefly caught the imagination of the nation. It is the story of Paco, a young boy without a father who adopts the pilot and convinces the town to build a runway to get him home.The cast includes James Cosmo, Kerry Condon
and Demian Bichir. The film was both written and directed by Irish filmmaker Ian Powers.

And there's also British comedy THE ANGELS' SHARE which has been shown at this year's Cannes film festival and is directed by famous Ken Loach.
This bitter sweet comedy follows protagonist Robbie as he sneaks into the maternity hospital to visit his young girlfriend Leonie and hold his newborn son Luke for the first time. Overwhelmed by the moment, he swears that Luke will not have the same tragic life he has had. Escaping a prison sentence by the skin of his teeth, he's given one last chance......While serving a community service order, he meets Rhino, Albert and Mo who, like him, find it impossible to find work because of their criminal records. Little did Robbie imagine how turning to drink might change their lives - not
cheap fortified wine, but the best malt whiskies in the world. Will it be 'slopping out' for the next twenty years, or a new future with 'Uisge Beatha' the 'Water of Life?' Only the angels know........ The films hits Irish cinemas this June.
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Jumat, 25 Mei 2012


It was a big piece of news yesterday, so you've probably heard by now that Gary Oldman has joined the remake of ROBOCOP in which Joel Kinnaman
(THE KILLING) will play a Detroit cop who is shot and left for dead on the street. After being turned into a half-man half-robot crime-fighting machine known as RoboCop, he goes on a mission to clean up the Motor City's mean streets. Gary Oldman will play Norton, the scientist who created the title character, who is torn between the morality of this machine trying to reclaim its humanity, and the needs of the corporation he works for. The film is supposed to be shot in Canada.

Speaking of sf movie adaptations, Josh Trank, who had quite a success recently with his sf hit CHRONICLE, will, according to "Deadline", helm the movie adaptation of SHADOW OF THE
COLOSSUS video game. The story centers on Wander, a desperate man who enters a forbidden land, with the hope that a mystical demon can bring his lover back from the dead. The demon charges Wander with defeating 16 stone giants dubbed "colossi", before he can be reunited with his true love. It is interesting that Trank is also one of the possible candidates to direct the reboot of FANTASTIC FOUR. It has also been revealed today that Mads Mikkelsen (THE THREE MUSKETEERS) has joined THOR 2 in which he will play an unspecified villain next to Chris Hemsworth as the Blond god himself. Scheduled for November 2013 the film will be helmed by Alan Taylor (GAME OF THRONES).

And to finish the day in a sf tone, Guillermo del Toro's plot for his new sf action PACIFIC RIM has been revealed:  When legions of monstrous creatures, known as Kaiju, started rising from the sea, a war began that would take millions of lives and consume humanity's resources for years on
 end. To combat the giant Kaiju, a special type of weapon was devised: massive robots, called Jaegers, which are controlled simultaneously by two pilots whose minds are locked in a neural bridge. But even the Jaegers are proving nearly defenceless in the face of the relentless Kaiju. On the verge of defeat, the forces defending mankind have no choice but to turn to two unlikely heroes-a washed up former pilot (Charlie Hunnam) and an untested trainee (Rinko Kikuchi), who are teamed to drive a legendary but seemingly obsolete Jaeger from the past. Together, they stand as mankind's last hope against the mounting apocalypse. Idris Elba and Ron Perlman are also in the cast of the July 2013 film.

And if you're living in Europe, my little freaks, don't forget to vote for Serbia this Saturday evening at the Eurosong 2012 finals in Azerbaian! More than 40 countries will  compete with their musical representatives, and Serbia is there with Zeljko Joksimovic and his powerful ballad LOVE IS NOT A THING TO BE GIVEN BACK.
Zeljko has already won a second place once with LANE MOJE, a song that has become the most beloved Eurovision song of all times, he also wrote another otherwordly ballad ORO which represented Serbia in 2008, and he wrote one of the most enchanting lyrical ballads ever LEYLA which represented Bosnia at Eurosong. This year, Serbia again has a deeply emotional, breathtaking elven ballad competing against dance songs and instant pop hits. Vote for us if you can and let the quality win again! Serbia is still holding a record for being the only country ever to win Eurosong the very first year we appeared there: symphonic ballad MOLITVA brought us victory in 2007!
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Kamis, 24 Mei 2012


MovieWeb writes that Sony has bought US rights for a film titled NO which got great praise this year at Cannes. The film is based on a true
 story: when Chilean military dictator Augusto Pinochet, facing international pressure, calls for a referendum on his presidency in 1988, opposition leaders persuade a brash young advertising executive, Rene Saavedra (Gael García Bernal), to spearhead their campaign. With scant resources and constant scrutiny by the president's watchmen, Saavedra and his team devise an audacious plan to win the election and free their country from oppression. Meanwhile, Ethan Hawke will star in PRE- DESTINATION Sony's sf action which follows the life of a time travelling government agent sent on a series of time travel journeys designed to stop future killers.
Young Hailee Steinfeld, whom you've seen in TRUE GRIT and who is shooting ROMEO AND JULIET currently, will also star in WHY WE BROKE UP. "Deadline"
reports that she will play a high school sophomore who falls for a senior and captain of the basketball team, and gets caught up in their roller coaster romance. The story unfolds a few weeks after their break-up, when she drops off a letter and a box of mementos on his porch. Another young face, Rupert Grint from HARRY PLOPPER, will star in two new films: he will join Shia LaBeouf in THE NECESSARY DEATH OF CHARLIE COUNTRYMAN where Shia plays the title character who falls for absolutely irresistible girl who's already been claimed by an insanely violent crime boss with a gang of thugs at his disposal. He will also star in CBGB a film about the famous New York club and its impact on the underground music scene. Allan Rickman will play the owner of the club.

And here's some action for my boys and some hunk meat for my girls :) - the first trailer for NBC's new Fall show CHICAGO FIRE.  The new series from the creators of LAW AND ORDER, to start airing this
Autumn, is described as an action-driven drama exploring the complex and heroic men and women of the Chicago Fire Department. The cast will be filled with stunning faces, lead by two gorgeous hunks -  top
model Taylor Kinney (alaso known as Lady Gaga's ex boyfriend whom she dumped before starting her new world tour) and HOUSE's beloved doctor Jesse Spencer!
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Rabu, 23 Mei 2012

The Faces of Haters

It's freaking election time again in Singapore. I don't know what the dude at Hougang did to cause a by-election but WHY?? I thought we won't have to face this crap in Singapore for another 4 years.

Yes I support PAP but this time round I don't give a shit about who wins. Hougang was traditionally the opposition's territory and they can go ahead and keep it. I don't even know who is running for either party. And thus, I have not uttered a single word about this election at all.

I hate politics. I hate that I have an opinion and a party I support. I wish I was apathetic as I was before because elections divide Singaporeans more than ever.

The country is split into two groups that have so much disdain and disrespect for each other. All this vitriol and negativity will get us nowhere. I just want to like all my fellow Singaporeans again without them asking me who I support and judging my views, asking me to validate them, then thinking less of me afterwards... And have me thinking less of them in return.

I've blogged for 10 years and I've covered the most controversial topics. But NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING, have gotten me as more hate as me supporting the PAP.

I also got some love for it of course, but usually mean comments die down after a few weeks... This lasted for a whole year, got me several hate sites and hate parody accounts. People wish death upon me and my family, threatening to hurt me if they ever see me. Wow... Even I am amazed by my resilience and courage lol.

Even so, I was still kinda surprised to see that Temasek Review, an extremist online publication biased towards the opposition, posted up 3 photos of Qiuqiu, Sophie and me taken during last year's rally on their facebook page, inviting their fans to write (mean) captions on us.

I don't know what is their problem because as I said I have not uttered a word about this election and the photos are 1 year old.

And the comments are so fucking NASTY.

By nasty I don't mean hurtful.

I mean just extremely distasteful, uncouth, and with absolutely no class at all. Even criticism can be insightful and witty but these are just written by the lowest of society - people with the IQ and sexual urges of baboons who barely mastered language. Most of the comments are about us being prostitutes.

I feel sorry for smart and nice people who support the opposition, I really do. Because most of the noises made by opposition supporters are done by these middle-aged angry uncles who are so bitter and self righteous.

They are so loud that they have inadvertently become the image of the opposition for me. I automatically assume that anything these assholes believe in is definitely wrong for society.

Don't believe me? Here, I have printscreened some of the worst comments:

First post, on me:

 Second post, on Qiuqiu:

These morons know nothing about Qiu so they keep presuming that she is either from China or some sort of super rich girl. Enough with the racist hate seriously!

I also dislike bangalas and I agree that there are too many foreigners in overpopulated Singapore but honestly I'd rather take PRCs than some of these true blue Singaporean fucktards.

At least the blue collar workers clean our toilets and are useful. What have these Singaporeans contributed except whining and inciting hate?

Not everyone who supports the PAP must automatically be a foreigner or a rich person.

Qiu comes from an extremely humble background. Her dad is a trishaw driver and she used to stay with her 5 sisters and parents in a 1 bedroom hdb since she was born until she moved in with her boyfriend. She still stays in a hdb now.

And I used to stay in a dingy 3 room flat in Teban gardens and had no aircon until I was 21 and bought my own. Sure I'm doing ok now but I'm nowhere near "rich".

We are definitely middle-class, born and bred in Singapore. WHAT NOW ASSHOLES? You gonna say we are paid or that we are mistresses of the Prime minister?!

Third post, of Qiu, Sophie and me:

Poor Sophie being dragged into the picture when she isn't even a PAP supporter wtf just at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Now, I've always said I really, really detest men who write shit about girls online. 

There is really nothing that irks me more... Well maybe some things do but it's really high on my list.

Call me old fashioned but I always believe that men should be gracious and chivalrous towards women, treating them with respect and acting like they are fragile beings that need to be protected.

Men should always be working hard to provide for their families, and they shouldn't be WHINING and COMPLAINING all day long. They shouldn't be quarrelsome and petty. That's for women to do.

Maybe in today's equality driven society my ideals are a little hard to achieve but I believe that at the very least MEN SHOULD NOT BE INSULTING WOMEN ONLINE.

Seriously wtf?! Didn't their mothers teach them how to treat women?? What sort of asshole would hide behind anonymous masks and tell women they are fat or ugly or a whore, and say he doesn't want to fuck her... AS IF HE WOULD EVER HAVE A CHANCE TO. It's just so... URGH!!

Usually the men who write such comments get away with it because most girls don't bother to retailiate.

Usually those to write such comments to ME have the wits to do it anonymously.


Some of the assholes above who left comments about my friends and I have done it openly and shamelessly with their facebook accounts.

The smarter ones made their accounts private but the dumber ones didn't.

I mean, aren't you curious? Who are the men who write such comments and how do they look like?
And since they are so proud of their actions, I shall do them a favour and introduce them one by one on my blog here. I'm being so nice. I usually don't mar my blog with ugly things.

So men... You think you can get away with defamation online with no consequences? 

Maybe you will think twice before you call somebody a whore next time, huh?


All these information are readily available online. I did not hack their accounts or even snoop very hard. Their details and pictures can be found by ANYONE who clicks on their facebook profile upon seeing their comments on Temasek Review's facebook page which has over 10,000 likes.

I was asking my friends and Mike if I was being mean if I post pictures of them with their wives, friends or children. Everyone said no because the information is open and they chose to be open with it. Mike said it is as if I see someone walking around naked and I pointed at him.

Perhaps they aren't even embarrassed or ashamed but if they are, then they have to take consequences for their actions. It's not my business to protect their interest and honestly... I don't want it because they don't deserve it. Furthermore, I 100% believe that this is NOT the first time these men have left such comments on women who never did anything to them.

Sure my words have a lot of impact. But get this: I would NEVER have written anything about them if they didn't bully me or my friends first. Others may allow themselves to be trampled all over but NOT ME. They picked the wrong person to mess with.


Aaron is born 1980 and an avid fan of Man U. He is working with HSR International Realtors as a real estate agent! SINGLE TOO WHAT YOU WAITING FOR? Want him to help you find a house? Contact him here!

Aaron, Aaron... I've always wondered if people who call me fugly are bloody good looking themselves.

Moreover you even called both my gorgeous friends ugly, one of whom is the New Face winner.

So I thought you must look like Brad Pitt. But you look more like an armpit. You have severely disappointed me.

But thanks for confirming my theory that not only are the people who call me fugly not good looking themselves, they are mostly really ugly. This makes me feel a lot better.

As for the answer to your second question, I believe I speak for my friends when I say NO, OH HELL NO NOT IF YOU WERE THE LAST MAN ON EARTH.

Soon Chwee is another one of those guys who presumed that we were prostitutes because well, you know, PAP supporters all are prostitutes.

He is married with two cute kids. I wonder how he will feel like if in future men ask his daughter which part of geylang she works at?

In case you are wondering why he is so tan, he is a swimming instructor!

You DEFINITELY want a man like that teaching your daughter in a swimming pool.

His company Happy Swims is more than glad to accept your children in classes.

Thank you for calling me sexy and pretty *blush* I really hope I help your business in return!

Clement is also born 1980 like Aaron but he is married so stop clementring over him girls!!! HAHA ME SO PUNNY.

To be fair Clement's statement isn't that bad and neither is he calling me a prostitute. But it really irks me when stupid people call me dumb.

I'm ruining Singapore's future Clement?

And I suppose you think you are Singapore's best bet?

I'm sorry I misjudged you. You appear exceedingly smart, replying to your own facebook status. And I am so "dump" in contrast.

Isaac, born 1988, seems to be some sort of bodybuilder... He has so many ugly douchebaggy photos that I didn't know which one to pick.

He is also one of my favourites because he loves to use flowery language that seems to be beyond his linguistic ability so they all don't make any sense. I particularly love him saying PAP has an "excessively glorious nature" or that I am "elitist daft".

"Daft" seems to be his favourite word.

I imagine him constantly calling others stupid so one day he was like "UH IMMA FIND ANOTHER AWESOMER WORD FOR STUPID YO BRO WESTSIDE RESPECT" and he was like typing "tisauris" into google and google was like "It's 'thesaurus' you dumbass please do not breed".

He found a few good ones but "daft" is the easiest to spell so he learnt it by heart and used it happily ever after - as a verb, noun and adjective. How useful!!

I really wish to speak to him in real life and see if he talks like this!!

Jonathan is studying aerospace technology at Ngee Ann Poly. He loves manga!

STOPPIT stop saying I am attention seeking you fucking assholes!! I DID NOT POST THOSE PICTURES THERE!! THEY WERE TAKEN A YEAR AGO!! Usually I'm attention seeking yes very much so but in this situation what did I do wtf... Photos were not even from my blog but from Qiu's!!

Ok I shall calm down...

Dear Jonathan, how did you know I am desperately trying to improve my inner beauty?

I'd like to heed your suggestion of "eating makeup powder" but a few questions...

1) Do you have any suggestions of dosage? Is it before or after food? More effective in the mornings or night? Should I have it as a meal or a supplement?

2) What brand should I eat? I think Anna Sui probably smells the nicest, like roses, but it's quite expensive. Also, please specify - pressed powder, loose powder, 2 way cakes, mousse or foundation sticks? You are being awfully vague. Does the colour of the foundation matter?

3) I notice that you are quite fat... Not in this photo but in your other photos. Is it because you also eat makeup powder? Because I just lost a lot of weight and I don't wish to go back to being fat. Also, you were being quite mean to me so I'm not quite sure if I should heed your advice as you do not appear to have much inner beauty yourself.

Please advise.

Simon likes Law and Order SVU and Desperate Housewives.

Hey Simon, are those ladies surrounding you also geylang chickens? Is your mother a geylang chicken? See, it isn't nice to assume. :)

But I don't doubt with your looks you are familiar with that profession. My only consolation is that you probably won't breed.

Tom got married to his wife in 1984, the year I was born. He has a son and daughter who can't be that far away from my age. And yet here he is, soliciting my friends and me online so openly... Just to be extra safe he wants to make sure we are over 18.

He looks like such a decent dad figure. And yet... Disgusting.

Stephan is born in 1976 and is married with kid/s without kids.

I'd like to thank his wife for uploading that hilarious photo of him... It is nice that he shaves his armpits. I also recommend stretch mark creams.

OK last one is my favourite!!

Here's a picture of Hong Xing with what appears to be his kid and wife.

He seems to have a slight obsession over prostitution and sex... I think he needs to see a psychiatrist. Whole day talking about "damage" and saying only the insiders will know... Yeah lah you super geylang expert nobody knows it better than you do, ok?

It appears he knows that I'm a blogger... I suppose he also knows I'm married, dating the same guy for 7 years, and do not have a history of posting slutty photos... Yet he still believes that I'm prostituting for money because "nobody reads her blog liao".

Oh no no no... You are wrong Hong Xing... A LOT of people read my blog. How many? You will find out soon enough. ;)

It's ironic isn't it? That you claim nobody reads my blog anymore but now people are reading it... And it's all thanks to you and your Geylang-expert friends that I even have fodder! In a sense you prevented me from a life of selling my body and I thank you for that.


Of course, not all the comments written about Qiu, Sophie and me on those posts are nasty. Some rare ones were in our defence. Thank you.

And for the rest of you who disliked me but yet...

"You really think I'm pretty?"
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