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According to "Variety", Woody Harrelson is the latest one to join Louis Leterrier's heist flick NOW YOU SEE ME. In the cast, which already includes Isla Fisher, Mark Ruffalo, Jesse Eisenberg
and Morgan Freeman, Woody will portray a cunning hypnotist and mentalist who is famous for his mind tricks. He joins the Four Horsemen, a team of elite illusionists who pull off bank robberies during their performances, and give the money away to their audience. Deadline reports that one of our favourite SPARTACUS stars Jai Courtney has joined ONE SHOT, in which Tom Cruise investigates a case of a sniper, who gunned down five random victims, and uncovers a conspiracy. Jai will take the role of a highly trained sniper who is motivated to stop him.
Famous STAR TREK producers, Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman have sold their new TV show to Fox. It will be epic
series on WYATT EARP, and according to "MovieWeb" it will cover the well-known moments in his life, such as the shootout at the OK Corall, but it will also center on how he and his brothers helped bring law and order to the Old West. Director Doug Liman will helm EVEREST, which will follow George Mallory, who tried to be the first man to scale Mount Everest in the 1920s.  Beside his obsession with the mountain, which later on took his life, the film will also cover his rivalry with a fellow climber. The film will be based on PATHS OF GLORY book by Jeffrey Archer.

I've mentioned this film a few times last year, but now here's the first dramatic and very disturbing trailer for British film RESISTANCE based on the debut novel by charming young writer
Owen Sheers. Starring Welsh star Michael Sheen and German actor Tom Wlaschiha (who is appearing in the second season of GAME OF THRONES next year), this drama is set in an alternate Britain in which D-Day has failed and the country is under Nazi occupation. When in 1944 a group of women in an isolated Welsh village wake up they discover all of the their husbands have mysteriously vanished. It turns out that all of the men have left to join resistance. The situation gets even more dramatic when one of the women falls for one of the Germans who have come to occupy their village. The film should premiere in Britain later this November. 
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 After casting Bradley Cooper as Lucifer, Benjamin Walker as archangel Michael, Djimon Hounsou as angel of death, Camilla Belle as Eve and
Casey Affleck
as Gabriel, Alex Proyas' movie adaptation of famous PARADISE LOST epic, which will follow the clash between archangel Michael and Lucifer, has now got Callan McAuliffe too. The guy from I AM NUMBER FOUR will play the role of the Archangel Uriel, one of the first seven archangels created by God and the soldier who becomes God's second in command when Lucifer rebels against Him and Michael is named commander of Heaven's army. Another fresh gossip says that Diego González Boneta, from BH 90210, could get the role of Adam.
There is one more religious project ahead! According to "MovieWeb" Warner Bros. is trying to get Steven Spielberg to helm their huge epic GODS AND KINGS which will chronicle Moses' entire life span from birth to death described in the Book of Exodus and other stories from the Bible's Old Testament. It's an invasion of Biblical topics in Hollywood with these two above, and then DAVID AND GOLIATH with Dwayne Johnson and Taylor Lautner, and Mel Gibson's plans to shoot JUDAH MACCABEE
epic. After rumors from a few days ago about Kevin Durand and Oded Fehr joining RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION, Milla Jovovich has revealed that the fourth part of the zombie franchise has a new member in the cast - Johann Urb will play Leon Kennedy, the leader of the human resistance. Handsome Estonian actor, Johann Urb, has been seen in EASTWICK TV show and in Emmerich's epic 2012 before he got this new gig.

Since you've been good kids, your trailer for today is the first one for EXTREMELY LOUD AND INCREDIBLY CLOSE, which opens up this Christmas and follows eleven-year-old Oskar Schell,
an exceptional child: amateur inventor, Francophile, pacifist. After finding a mysterious key that belonged to his father, who died in the World Trade Center on 9/11, he embarks on an exceptional journey, an urgent, secret search through the five boroughs of New York. As Oskar roams the city, he encounters a motley assortment of humanity, who are all survivors in their own ways. Ultimately, Oskar's journey ends where it began, but with the solace of that most human experience: love. Directed by brilliant Stephen Daldry, the film stars Sandra Bullock (looks like a powerful role), Tom Hanks and little Thomas Horn.
Don't forget that this Sunday, you will be reading HOLLYWOOD SPY'S SPOTLIGHT ON OCTOBER 2011 FILMS. Lots of movies, posters and trailers
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Rabu, 28 September 2011


Today you can check out the gorgeous first poster for Steven Spielberg's drama WAR HORSE which premieres this December. Set in the rural England and Europe during the First World War,
the film follows the remarkable friendship between a horse named Joey and a young man called Albert, who tames and trains him. When they are forcefully parted, the film follows the extraordinary journey of the horse as he moves through the war, changing and inspiring the lives of all those he meets - British cavalry, German soldiers, and a French farmer and his granddaughter, before the story reaches its emotional climax in the heart of No Man's Land. The film stars Jeremy Irvine, Toby Kebbell, Emily Watson, David Thewlis, Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Hiddleston ...Click to watch the trailer.

According to "Heat Vision" Susan Sarandon has joined Dwayne Johnson in SNITCH, in which he plays a father devastated by his son being sentenced to 30 years in prison on drug charges. He
takes extreme measures by going behind bars as an undercover prison informant to bust a major drug dealer, in hopes of securing a commuted sentence for his son. Sarandon will play a district attorney who tries to advance her career with this undercover operation. Comic book series AREA 52 will get its movie adaptation. The story is set in a top-secret Antarctica warehouse which U.S. government uses to store hideous creatures and mystical weapons. When an aggressive new alien is accidentally hatched, the group of misfits hired to watch over the warehouse must band together to keep these creatures from escaping.

First pictures from Jean Jacques Annaud's (the sensual French director of ENEMY AT THE GATES and SEVEN YEARS IN TIBET) new film BLACK GOLD have been released around the net.  As
you remember from our earlier report, Antonio Banderas (plays an Arabian emir) lead cast, which also includes Mark Strong (as emir's main rival), Freida Pinto (as emir's daughter, princess Lalah) and Tahar Rahim (as Strong's son, prince Auda), stars in
this movie set in the 1930s when oil was first being discovered in parts of Arabia. The story of the film centers on rival Arabian tribes and the young ruler who manages to unite these warring kingdoms.
Famous James Horner from TITANIC and AVATAR is composing the music for this expensive epic.
Don't forget that this Sunday, you will be reading HOLLYWOOD SPY'S SPOTLIGHT ON OCTOBER 2011 FILMS. Lots of movies, posters and trailers
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 According to "Variety" Australian/Croatian star Eric Bana, whom we haven't seen a lot lately, will take the lead role in
Robert Luketich's (LEGALLY BLONDE) film BRILLIANT. Following the latest Hollywood trend of heist movies, the story will revolve around a small-time criminal who joins accomplished thieves in a huge diamond heist. Bana doesn't have a lot of future projects in his sleeve. He is slated to star in BLACKBIRD in which he and Olivia Wilde will star as two fugitive siblings who come across a boxer (Charlie Hunnam) who was recently released from prison. After that he will again be a criminal in BY VIRTUE FALL a film about an ex-con who seeks revenge upon his mentor who framed him for a crime he didn't commit.

Multiple Grammy and Emmy award winner Justin Timberlake has taken the lead role in SPINNING GOLD a biopic of music
legend Neil Bogart who founded Casablanca Records in 1974 and is credited with discovering, launching and nurturing the careers of a generation of music superstars such as Donna Summer, Kiss, The Village People ... Though he died at only 39, he lived to see all his dreams come true. Two popular action stars Kevin Durand and Oded Fehr have joined Milla Jovovich, Sienna Guillory and Boris Kodjoe in RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION. You remember Oded as the famous Egyptian warrior from THE MUMMY and Durand played in LOST, ROBIN HOOD, LEGION...

I'm a few days late with this one, but here it is now - the first trailer for ONE FOR THE MONEY, a movie adaptation of famous book series by Janet Evanovich. Popular Katherine Heigl portrays Stephanie Plum  the main character of the sixteen mystery bestsellers. Stephanie Plum's got plenty of attitude, even if she's been out of work for the last six months and just lost her car to a debt collector. Desperate for some fast cash, Stephanie turns to her last resort: convincing her sleazy cousin to give her a job at his bail bonding company... as a recovery agent. The film should open up in cinemas next January.
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Hey, people, our poll in which I asked you WHO SHOULD BE OSCARS 2012 HOST is over and Neil Patrick Harris is the proud winner with 26% of your votes, leaving Justin Timberlake (18%) and Robin Williams (10%) behind him.
Eddie Murphy,who is the official host of the next year's Academy Awards didn't really shine in this poll receiving only 8% of total votes, and finishing behind Dame Edna (10%)  and Ben Stiller.

I must agree with you that Neil Patrick Harris would make a great Oscar host. Not only that he has great sense of humour, funny but intelligent, refined and non-offensive, and outstanding personal and stage charisma, but he is also a very lovable guy who mostly inspires positive reactions and nice feedback from the audience. He is also a good looker and a stunning dresser which counts as well when you're being watched by hundreds of millions of people around the globe. And he already has hosting experience since he hosted the Tony Awards rather successfully. He also did the opening number at the Oscars back in 2010. Another thing that qualifies him for the job are his family oriented films (THE SMURFS, THE MUPPETS) and his calm, non-scandalous and exemplary private life.
People's favourite Justin Timberlake is also ready for this gig. Not only that he is considered one of the best comedians among the young stars,
who was nominated for seven and won 4 Emmy awards for his comedy work in Saturday Night Live, but he also had numerous nominations for the most prestigious awards for his role in THE SOCIAL NETWORK, proving his dramatic talent as well. We've seen his seductive, witty and irresistible charms in FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS and BAD TEACHER and his dramatic talent in THE ALPHA DOG and EDISON. Similarly to Neil Patrick Harris he is also a worldwide famous style icon and would look more than dashing at the Oscar stage. Not to mention that he could put in  one or two musical performances as well during the ceremony.
Now let us go to our new poll. We've already proclaimed the best Scottish actor, and now let us vote for THE BEST WELSH STAR among the following thespians: Catherine Zeta Jones (CHICAGO, ZORO, NO RESERVATIONS), Luke Evans (IMMORTALS, THE THREE MUSKETEERS, CLASH OF THE TITANS), Ioan Gruffudd (KING ARTHUR, FANTASTIC FOUR), Rhys Ifans (NOTTING HILL, ANONYMOUS), Michael Sheen (KINGDOM OF HEAVEN, UNDERWORLD), Christian Bale (EMPIRE OF THE SUN, EQUILIBRIUM) and Anthony Hopkins (SILENCE OF THE LAMBS).
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Senin, 26 September 2011


 Amazingly talented Michael Fassbender is really popular these days in Tinseltown. After shinning in X-MEN: FIRST CLASS, A DANGEROUS METHOD, JANE EYRE  and SHAME this year, and his gig in next year Ridley Scott's sf blockbuster PROMETHEUS with
Charlize Theron, according to latest news he has now been offered the lead role in the remake of ROBOCOP. MGM and director Jose Padilha, apparently want him in the role of terminally wounded cop who returns to the police force as a powerful cyborg haunted by submerged memories. Other candidates which were previously mentioned for this role include Chris Pine, Keanu Reeves and even Tom Cruise. As we've mentioned before, Fassbender also has AT SWIM TWO BIRDS to shoot next year with Collin Farrell, Cillian Murphy, Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Brendan Gleeson.

According to "Vulture", Brad Pitt has been offered the lead role in sf epic ALL YOU NEED IS KILL. To be directed by Doug Liman it will
center on a soldier killed in battle while fighting an intergalactic alien war. Instead of heading to the afterlife, he is resurrected to the day before his death, each and every day. As "ScreenDaily" reports Paul Bettany and Brian Cox have joined BLOOD, a movie adaptation of BBC's 2004 CONVICTION TV series about two policemen who kill a murder suspect and are then plunged into chaos when they are forced to investigate their own crime. According to "MovieWeb" Ridley Scott has hired the writer of CONTAGION and THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM to pen his remake or reboot of BLADE RUNNER classic from the 80s.

To celebrate the premiere of the fourth season of MERLIN, the most popular epic show around the world (it is broadcast in unbelievable 183 countries), on October 1st at BBC ONE.  I have some hotsy pics for my ladies of scantily clad knights of Camelot
- sir Leon (Rupert Young),  Gawaine (Eoin Macken) and sir Percival (Tom Hopper)! And there's also a clip for the first episode of the new season which will see Merlin (Colin Morgan) and Arthur (Bradley James) battling Morgana who went over to the dark side, and the show will probably be freshened up with the newly establish knights of the round table with Lancelot and
Gawain appearing more in the episodes. The new season will open with a two-part adventure telling the story of Morgana's revenge, and Katie McGrath, who plays Morgana, has recently said that we shall see Morgana become an evil force comparable to the Star Wars villain Darth Vader.
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I'm Stripping!

p/s: One longass new post below this advert


And it's not what you think it is!

I'm stripping off my falsies!

For the past week I've been going out with only mascara for a change.

Now, falsies have always been a must have for me because they give great impact, are fuss-free, and lasts.

And now we have mascara that will do just all that!

People prefer mascara for loads of reasons. The most common one is that they don't know how to apply falsies. Another is that mascara is not as "exaggerated" a look - perhaps falsies are too dramatic for everyday wear.

If you are a big fan of mascara, now you can try the new mascaras from ZA!! The Impact Lash Mascara comes in 4 different types to suit all your needs!

Wide Eyes

This is my favourite! This mascara contains glossy oil, which gives a lustrous effect to your lashes. The brush is super unique and comes with a extra small jaggy coil with an extrafine pitch comb on the other side, ensuring every single lash gets fanned out and coated, giving you that dolly gyaru innocent look!

The end result is even and beautifully fanned out lashes that is non-clumpy.


If you have long lashes but too little of them, Volume is the way to go. The Volume-up Wax thickens and defines each and every lash. The brush holds the mascara evenly and is specially designed to fit Asian eyelids perfectly.


And of course everyone wants longer lashes! See the little fibres in the mascara? This helps you to make your lashes become whatever length you want!

Last but not least, Mascara Base.

You can see me applying it here. Prime lashes for maximum volume, length and separating effects while enhancing curl power and the adherence of your mascaras.

I love this base coz not only does it care for our fragile lashes with treatment complex, it has fibres in it to lengthen! :D

I was presented with a "Go Go Kit" by the awesomesauce Za girls with all these new products:

Inside contains all these pretty stuff like Za products, hair accessories, a mirror, and even *gasp* a spanking new Panasonic Lumix GF3 camera for me!! :') Why they so nice one!! ♥♥♥

The girls also told me the secret to achieving gyaru eyes is "layering". The correct order is to apply the base first, wait a while for it to dry, Wide Eyes, Volume, then Long, so here goes:

Applying Wide Eyes. Fanned out lashes!

Look how super long and kawaii!! No photoshop on the lashes at all!

And the end result after I apply a coat of Volume and Long:

TADAH!! I'm loving how my lashes really open up my eyes!

And in case you are wondering, I am using only Za products on my eye make up!
No falsies for me.

Their Ever brows eyebrow pencils have always been a best seller because not only is it rotatable so there is no need to sharpen, the end has a brush so you can even out harshness after defining your brows!

Perfect brows

They come in a variety of colours too to suit all skin tones and hair colours, and my favourite is Honey Brown, which is a light ashy brown colour. Suitable even for people with very light hair.

And my eyeliner? It's the new Liquid Eyeliner from ZA!

Deep jet black colour and it's super long lasting. 
No smudging or fading. Waterproof.

The tip is so fine it's ridiculous!

Check out the minute imprint of my Chinese name drawn by the Liquid Eyeliner. LOL

Interested to buy ZA's smashing new products yet? 


Show you the prize first to entice you:

It is a gorgeous PINK Panasonic Lumix FX 78 camera! The camera even has a cosmetics and touch up function so I'm sure you girls will look gorgeous with it.

And the best part? This is not a lucky draw so whoever takes part and meets the requirement will win prizes!!


First, you purchase any of Za's new products (Za Impact Lash Mascaras, Ever Brows, Everliners, and Liquid eyeliner) and keep the receipt.

See the poses these ZA ambassadors are in?

Have fun with your friends and snap snap snap away!

Upload 20 photos: Win a $50 goodie bag

Upload 50 photos: Win $200 goodie bag

Upload 100 photos: Win $1,000 goodie bag, including the LX 78!

Awesome prizes or what? The camera is limited to the first 5 snap shotters only so HURRY UP!!

Here's a picture of me with Qiuqiu wearing mascara only!! Ok sorry I forgot to ask her to pose with me in the picture so here is my Forever Alone version of the ambassadors' poses:

FML I cannot wink. When I tried I looked like I had a toothache and I was pulling out a tooth. This pose is difficulty level 28 or something.

And double FML all the pictures I took turned out mirror imaged. *bimbo

Impact Lash Mascaras all at $17.50 each, with the except of Mascara Base at $15.90! Available at Watsons or any other cosmetic shops.

Have fun joining ok?

Last gratuitous photo of myself

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Pixar for Cars 2!

OMG I'm so backdated with my photos... Anyway photos from my trip to San Francisco again, this time to visit Pixar for the second time for Cars 2!

(For my first trip to Pixar you can click HERE)

Stayed at Four Seasons again, along imho the best street in SF - Market Street!

Huge 4 storey Juicy store, ginormous flagship F21 store, H&M, Abercrombie etc all within walking distance. :D

Didn't really feel like snapping a lot of pictures coz I was there alone and seriously, I get enough weird looks without taking out a blinged out camera...

First thing I did was to order food!

The kid's menu is so cute with food related jokes! I'm sorry I forgot the answers to those joke questions wtf.

I ordered Halibut coz the last time I had it it was so freaking delicious, but I think Four Seasons changed their menu/chef and this time round it's only mediocre. :(

Still, truffle fries are always good!

Emergency sign I saw along the corridor... I found it so funny that they had to make an onomatopoeia of the alarm I had to take a picture!! Seriously? Alarms never sound like "whoop whoop whoop", right? LOL woop woop woop is the sound Zoidberg makes!

Lonely lunch looking out of the window the next day.

This is my lunch set and it was quite horrible. :(

And I got ready for my Pixar 25th anniversary party!

On the bus there. Seriously, I must have at least a dozen of pictures of myself with someone staring at me with intense hatred at the background while I camwhore. I must appear very unlikeable. :( I blame the blonde hair.

What were you doing on April Fools' Day?

I was trying to spot secret hidden Pixar related emblems embedded in the new HUGE Pixar building.

In case you don't already know, Pixar is expanding their office space and it used to be this one hugeass airy, clean, steel sorta building but they built a new separate building next to it and it has a homey, country, cozy feel with red bricks, wood everywhere and even a fireplace!

The steel one reflects the taste of Steve Jobs (largest shareholder of Pixar) and the country one reflects the taste of John Lasseter, Pixar's Chief Creative Officer!

Heya Lotso!

I was not supposed to snap photos of these but talent needs to be shared!

Pixar store. Merchandise here strictly not sold anywhere else. :D

Last time I came the posters were all of Toy Story 3 but now it's all Cars 2!

Giant sofa!

I feel dwarfed!

No flash = no need for photoshop. The thighs a bit fat but I can deal with that.

In case you are wondering why I said I was attending a party and yet am shooting all these Forever Alone pictures, it is because, as you can see in the background, everyone is mingling up there.

I didn't know anybody so I felt terribly out of place. :(

And the worst thing is everybody there who is not from Pixar knows Pixar inside out so they can chat with the Pixar staff knowing their job scopes and names but I don't know most of them so I was really afraid it would be insulting them if I chat to them and ask them who they are!!

Plus small talk is soooooo awkward!

So I escaped downstairs to randomly snap pictures.

And yes this is an Acadamy Award!!

I felt so awed when I saw it coz Oscars are so freaking RARE and there were a few right there before my eyes in the Pixar display cabinet.

To Finding Nemo for Best Animated Film

Giant painting at the main hall changed too, from Buzz and Woody to Lightning Mcqueen and his friends.

I had one day off on my 4 day Cars 2 trip so as I mentioned before I flew to LA to meet Michelle Phan!

I bought the "to" ticket for March 31st. Naturally when I tried to buy the "fro" ticket the automatic system brought up the calender for April. Instead of clicking backwards to March 31st, I went to click forward and brought a ticket for May 31st.

Mar 31st and May 31st looks the same ok!


Thank god Delta is freaking awesome and had a flight back for me. I had to top up $100.

Michelle picked me up from the airport and brought me to Santa Monica!! Gorgeous

Californian weather is so perfect!

She's looking perfect as usual. What's new?

We bought Wetzel Pretzels to eat!! What do you mean I look like I have a penis?

Michelle insisted on cheese dips for the hot dogs. YUM

After shopping we spent some time just chilling at her place while the telly is on. This was the first time I watched LOTR in startlingly clear HD and we kept making bimbo comments on the characters' clothes, skin and hair etc. It was crazy silly fun.

Michelle setting up her camera to film our haul video. She has makeup books and makeup scattered everywhere! LOL

There she is updating the video. She even started to do editing on the spot. -_- 
talk about workaholic.

Michelle and Carl treating me to an awesome seafood dinner! 
LA traffic is horrible, took us an hour to get there.

Me! With my crab chowder and bits of parsley picked off something...

Carl and Michelle

My super yummy scallops!

In love with my Toki doki makeup from Sephora ♥

Bought a Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick from Sephora coz Michelle recommended it. Accidentally stole hers coz I thought the one on the couch was the one I bought. :(

And that's it! Flew back to SF. Concussed.

Final day at Pixar:

Should I bring a strawberry smelling Lotso home?

Ready for an awesome picture?


Me with John Lasseter after my interview with him!!

He is super nice and funny!

And I now can haz a Toy Story 3 poster with his signature on it :)

If you are wondering where the interview is, here it is, my Guide to Life on Cars 2!

And I got to watch 20 mins of footage from Cars 2 (yet to be completed then). It was so awesome!! Spy thriller style and super fast paced with heart warming friendship all put in of course. :D

Spot the little caterpillar

Real Ken and Barbie dolls, inspiration for their characters on Toy Story 3.

Oooooo... The Claw.....

Last pic in Pixar

Was so happy to find "roast duck rice" in the airport I paid $9usd for this or something. I expected SG portions but the duck is GINORMOUS and super delicious. Worth the money!

Ending this blog post with a picture of a man walking in front of me with an SQ sticker on his butt. I don't know why but maybe it's after 20 hours of flying, I found this hilarious.
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