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I'm sure you've already seen the first trailer for THE COLD LIGHT OF DAY action flick released yesterday, but here it is at HOLLYWOOD
SPY too. Opening in cinemas this April, this thriller shot in Spain stars the irresistible Henry Cavill, Bruce Willis and Sigourney Weaver, follows a young Wall Street trader (Henry Cavill) whose family is kidnapped on a vacation to Spain. He's left with only hours to find them, uncover a government conspiracy and the connection between their disappearance and his father's secrets. After last year epic blockbuster IMMORTALS this is Henry Cavill's second big leading role before he appears as Superman in MAN OF STEEL next year.

 Oh, damn vampires, it seems they will never stop sucking the money from the box offices: as "The Hollywood Reporter" writes, director Jim Jarmusch is preparing a vampire romance ONLY LOVERS LEFT
which will bring an unusual love story between two vampires who have been in love for centuries. The cast is already filled with people who could fit vampire roles being very skinny and pale: amazing Tom Hiddleston, talented Tilda Swinton, John Hurt and that girl we don't like Mia Wasikowska. An unusual couple will be paired up in the movie adaptation of SERENA novel from 2008: Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence will star in this film set in 1929, which follows a newly wed couple attempting to start a timber empire. Things turn ugly when the wife learns she can't have children, thus setting out to destroy her husband's illegitimate son. Instead of Darren Aronofsky the helm will go over to Oscar winner Susanne Bier.

Have you seen the latest trailer for GAME OF THRONES second season in which Daenerys Khalesee says she is the dragon queen and
wants what is hers? The thrilling new trailer offers quite a lot of scenes from the second run of the HBO's hit show which is ready to hit the small screens this April. Beside having a lot of new faces in the cast,
last years favourites Emilia Clarke, Kit Harrington, Nikolaj Coster Waldau, Lena Headey are coming back to spice up the story.
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The first part of HOLLYWOOD SPY'S THE BEST ACTORS WHO'VE NEVER WON AN OSCAR poll is over and Kenneth Branagh is the winner with 25% of your votes, leaving Emily Blunt (21%), Cillian Murphy (14%) and Michael Fassbender (14%) behind him.
Abnormally talented Kenneth Branagh, without whose films we couldn't even imagine British film scene, who is a symbol of Shakespearean movie adaptations, has never received an Oscar, not for his acting, not for his amazing directing... nothing. Probably the craziest thing you've ever heard, yes? He was nominated for his legendary role and direction in
HENRY V, he was also nominated for HAMLET, but not for the direction of one of the greatest cinematic master pieces nor for his utterly perfect performance of the tragic prince but only for the adapted screenplay. He is now again nominated for his role in MY WEEK WITH MARILYN. He's never got nominated for any of his other famous adaptations of Shakespeare's plays even though huge masses of people know about them only through his amazing films: OTHELLO, AS YOU LIKE IT, LOVE'S LABOUR LOST, MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING - no nominations for him, and he also wasn't awarded for his rather unique films FRANKENSTEIN and THE MAGIC FLUTE. Will the Academy forget him in 2014 when he finishes what promises to be an outstanding drama THE GUERNSEY LITERARY AND POTATO PEEL PIE SOCIETY with Kate Winslet? The fact that he is also a producer and writer beside directing and acting, didn't make Academy be fair to him either.
In the world in which mediocre or in the best case average actresses such as Halle Berry, Gwyneth Paltrow, Helen Hunt, Hilary Swank, Julia Roberts or Natalie Portman get Oscars, you will always find some deeply
refined silent true talent who gets pushed aside but them. Emily Blunt is an example for that: believe it or not, I personally always get shocked by the fact, but she has never even been nominated for an Oscar - not for her extremely profound, balanced and highly loveable portrayal of the British queen in YOUNG VICTORIA, not for her, now legendary, role of cold and reserved, but perfectly fair and just secretary in THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA which was so successful that she stole the show with it from Anne Hathaway. Not even for her brilliant roles in SUNSHINE CLEANING or MY SUMMER OF LOVE. Not even Meryl Streep's judgement of Emily Blunt being "the best young actress she's worked with in some time, perhaps ever", has made the Academy pay more attention to her.
And again, believe it or not, one of the most talented of the young actors, Irish star Cillian Murphy has never been nominated for a
single Oscar either! For the Academy, his mindblowing roles in Ken Loach's THE WIND THAT SHAKES THE BARLEY and in Neil Jordan's BREAKFAST ON PLUTO, obviously weren't good enough to get at least a nomination, even though those two films and Cillian's work in them got awards at Cannes, Golden Globes and tones of European Film Festivals. He also didn't get a nod for his equally remarkable performances in COLD MOUNTAIN, GIRL WITH A PEARL EARRING nor in PEACOCK (even though in the later one he proved for the second time after BREAKFAST ON PLUTO that he is the only male actor who can flawlessly play females on film and not in a comedic way).

Without any doubt, the biggest thespian among the generation of younger actors, Michael Fassbender has also never received any love from the cruel Academy, never! For reasons only known to them, they've
never given him a single nomination for his performances that brought him the utter admiration and total respect of critics and film experts around the world: he wasn't nominated this year for his haunting work in SHAME (he had great roles this year in JANE EYRE and A DANGEROUS METHOD too) just as he wasn't previous years even though his roles in FISH TANK and HUNGER brought him tones of other respected awards and the title of the owner of the most unique and most independent talent among the young actors. Shame on you Academy, shame on you!

Now let us move to the second round (there will be one more) of our THE BEST STAR WHO'S NEVER WON AN OSCAR poll. Another seven extremely talented thespians are waiting
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Senin, 30 Januari 2012


You already know that beside the best epic show SPARTACUS and their work on MARCO POLO epic show, Starz is also preparing another great epic adventure - DA VINCI'S DEMONS. To be done in cooperation with BBC and penned by David Goyer (MAN OF STEEL), this historical fantasy,
in eight episodes, will follow the untold story of the world's greatest genius during his raucous youth in Renaissance Florence. Brash and brilliant, the twenty five-year old Leonardo da Vinci is an artist, inventor, swordsman, lover, dreamer and idealist. As a free thinker, with intellect and talents that are almost superhuman, he struggles to live within the confines of his own reality and time. He begins to not only see the future, but invent it. Now the new thing is that they've found the lead actor: it will be young British actor Tom Riley whom the Brits know from MONROE and LOST IN AUSTEN. To be shot this summer and aired next year, the show will be produced by DOCTOR WHO producers.

Today, I have for you another trailer for one of the new shows which will hit small screens this midseason. It's ABC's new, super exciting
show THE RIVER which premieres February 7th revolving around Dr. Emmet Cole who's gone missing. The beloved host of The Undiscovered Country, which brought the wonder and magic of the natural world into our homes for so many years, has disappeared in the wilds of the Amazon. Gone for six months now, and thought by many to be dead, his emergency beacon went off two weeks ago. Now Dr. Cole’s wife and frequent co-host of The Undiscovered Country, Tess, has begun the search for her husband. With the help of her son, Lincoln, and crew members Tess is looking to be reunited with her husband and save the rest of his missing
crew. But the search for Dr. Cole may provide more questions than answers. Where have he and the missing crew been? What mysteries of the uncharted Amazon did they capture on film? Can this family that was torn asunder six months ago be miraculously reunited? The world holds its breath as we wait to find out just what became of Dr. Emmet Cole and his crew.
The cast of the show includes Bruce Greenwood, Paul Blackthorne, Thomas Kretschmann and Leslie Hope. It is interesting that the whole show is being advertised as if it is a real life story, it is being shoot too look like some kind of real life TV report, and even the official site is organized in that way. Very interesting marketing. The show is produced by Steven Spielberg.

So, did you watch last night's Screen Actors Guild Awards? Whom did you like at the red carpet? There weren't any stunning outfits this year, everybody went for quite bold colours. I won't mention the worst dressed, there were too many of those, but interesting ones were Sofia Vergara and Dianna Agron, the two best dressed ladies at the
Golden Globes earlier this month, who've opted for very simple and subtle pink dresses, while British beauty Emily Blunt went for long emerald gown with a very sexy deep slit. Diane Lane was refined again in midnight blue. One of the interesting and gorgeous ones was Kaley Cuoco in her mint green gown, while Lea Michele was definitely the sexiest thing that evening in her hot Versace dress and judging from the
comments around the net everyone seems to agree on that. The strange thing for me was seeing GAME OF THRONES Emilia Clarke for the first time outside the show. I was shocked to discover that the powerful dragon queen was such a plain Jane at the red carpet, couldn't even recognise her. Click on the pics to see them in bigger size!
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Minggu, 29 Januari 2012


Continuing HOLLYWOOD SPY's love series, because February comes this week and it's  the month of sweet sweet love ;), I have another romantic flick to announce with quite an interesting plot and cast. The cast of the new,
still untitled,  period romantic movie is lead by Joaquin Phoenix and Marion Cotillard alongside Jeremy Renner and its plot revolves around an innocent immigrant woman (Cotillard) who is tricked into a life of burlesque and vaudeville until a dazzling magician (Renner) tries to save her and reunite her with her sister who is being held in the confines of Ellis Island. The film was previously titled LOW LIFE, but is now without a name and should hit theatres sometime next year. This is Joaquin's first movie since 2008 and he also has THE MASTER coming out next year about a leader of a religious sect. Renner has HANSEL AND GRETEL: WITCH HUNTERS coming out next year, but since it was pushed from this summer to the movie dumpster month of January, it is not a good sign.

When it comes to trailers, the one I have for you today is the first one for one of the new shows that will premiere in the middle season. It's for
MISSING, a show which premieres March 15th on ABC and has two movie stars in the lead roles - always divine Ashley Judd and Sean Bean, who plays her husband and off course, as it is always the case with Bean, dies in the first scenes of the show ('tis the reason why they beheaded him in GAME OF THRONES - so that he can appear and disappear in this one as well) :) but will return later on through flashbacks.  Story: When Becca Winstone's (Ashley Judd) son, Michael, disappears while studying abroad, there is nothing that will stop her from getting him back. Using her training as a CIA agent, she starts in Rome where Michael was last known to be and tracks clues
across Europe, seeking help from old friends and opening old wounds along the way. The kidnappers soon discover that between her special skills and a mother's love they have picked a fight with the wrong woman.
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Sabtu, 28 Januari 2012


Well, you know February is the month when love is in the air, when cats start their mating games and the sales of chocolates rise to heavens (I guess it's the same with condoms too), but it seems this February won't have that much romantic flicks to take your loved ones to on St. Valentines. Here are the only three:
Probably the biggest romantic film of the month, the one a lot of ladies have been waiting for a long time since it has a very heartbreaking
story is THE VOW with Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams. To open in cinemas February 10th, this movie will be based on the touching true story of a newlywed couple recovering from an accident that puts the wife in a coma. The problem is that she wakes up with severe memory loss and can't remember any of her life with her new husband including his love and her love for him, he is now a total stranger to her... so he has to fight to win her heart all over again. Beside Channing and Rachel as the couple, the cast also includes Jessica Lange, Sam Neil and Scott Speedman who plays Rachel's ex fiancée who is using the situation to get back in her life.
DID YOU KNOW that the director and the writer of this film, Michael Sucsy, is currently working on another romantic story - ROSALINE about Romeo's first girlfriend Rosaline, whom he dumped in order to start the tragic affair with his Juliet.  That one will star Hailee Steinfeld and Dave Franco.

But if instead of carrying handkerchiefs to the cinema you prefer romantic films that make you laugh, you  probably shouldn't miss
WANDERLUST which opens in theaters on February 24th. It stars Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd as George and Linda, an overextended, stressed out Manhattan couple. After George is downsized out of his job, they find themselves with only one option: to move in with George's awful brother in Atlanta. On the way there, George and Linda stumble upon Elysium, an idyllic community populated by colorful characters who embrace a different way of looking at things. Money? It can't buy happiness. Careers? Who needs them? Clothes? Only if you want them. Is Elysium the fresh start George and Linda need? Or will the change of perspective cause more problems than it solves?

DID YOU KNOW that the cast also includes Justin Theroux, Jennifer's current boyfriend, whom she met while shooting this film and with whom she is apparently pregnant if we could trust tabloids :) This is the third time for Aniston to start next to Rudd after FRIENDS and THE OBJECT OF MY AFFECTION. 

The last romantic movie suggestion for you this February is a film I've mentioned a couple of times before - PERFECT SENSE in which
Ewan McGregor has a misfortune of being paired up with the ice queen Eva Green. This unusual apocalyptic romantic thriller and drama, brings the story of two strangers, Ewan as a chef and Eva as a scientist, who form a desperate romantic connection and fall in love with each other while their city is facing an apocalyptic epidemic of sensory loss in which people lose sight, smell, hearing... one by one. Will they lose love too, without their senses?
DID YOU KNOW that the film is directed by David Mackenzie who worked previously with Ewan on YOUNG ADAM, a film mostly remembered for Ewan sporting his naked willy in at least half of the scenes :) The film hits cinemas February 10th. 
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One of our three favourite Kates (beside Blanchett and Zeta Jones), Kate Winslet has just signed on for a new role: as "MovieWeb" reports she will join
Catherine Keener in FRANK OR FRANCIS, in which the story revolves around an online war that develops between a successful filmmaker (Steve Carell) and a movie blogger (Jack Black). Nicolas Cage will play an actor known for commercial successes such as Fat Dad, while Kevin Kline will play the director's brother. It is still not known whom will Kate Winslet and Catherine Keener play. The film is being written and directed by Charlie Kaufman who already worked with Kate on dreadfully boring ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND for which she received an Oscar nod.

A super delightful second trailer for Tarsem's charming fairy tale MIRROR MIRROR has been released today, and it focuses on the lovely humour in the film. It seems that in the sea of morbidly dark projects this film will be the one for all family to enjoy and you can take
your kids to see it too. Ready to premiere March 30th, the movie follows an evil enchantress (Julia Roberts) who schemes and scrambles for control of a spirited orphan’s (Lily Collins) throne and the attention of a charming prince (Armie Hammer). When Snow White’s beauty wins the heart of the prince that she desperately pursues, the Queen banishes
her to the forest, where a ravening man-eating beast hungrily awaits. Rescued by a band of diminutive highway robbers, Snow White grows into an indomitable young woman determined to take back her realm
from the treacherous Queen. With the support of her subjects, she roars into action in an epic battle that blends spectacle, magic and contemporary humour in Singh’s signature, jaw-dropping visual style.

Are you ready for the second part of the second season of AMC's THE WALKING DEAD zombie series? The exciting trailer has just been released, check it out bellow. The final six episodes will start airing February 12th and we shall finally find out if the heroes will leave Hershell's farm or stay there a bit longer, now that the mystery around
the missing girl has been solved. We shall also find out if  John Bernthal (sheriff's deputy) will really leave the show as the latest gossips suggest, which would mean that his character will probably be thrown to the zombies or something (not that anyone will shed tears for that evil brute with serious identity issues).  As I reported before the third season has already been ordered and it will have 16 episodes.
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Are you ready for the biggest space opera in last ten years? Disney's sf epic JOHN CARTER is ready to take us straight to Mars this March and I have a mindblowing and super dynamic new TV spot for you
today. With one of the strongest casts we've ever seen in a sf film ever since DUNE, including Taylor Kitsch, Lynn Collins, James Purefoy, Polly Walker, Ciaran Hinds, Mark Strong, Bryan Cranstone, Willem Dafoe, Dominic West, Thomas Haden Church and Samantha Morton, the story follows a Civil War veteran who, transplanted to Mars, discovers a lush planet inhabited by 12-foot tall barbarians, warrior tribes and exotic desert beings. Finding himself a prisoner of these creatures, he escapes, only to encounter a princess who is in desperate need of a saviour. Based on the first of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ “Barsoom Series” books, this $250 million epic is directed by brilliant Andrew Stanton (WALL-E, FINDING NEMO, A BUG'S LIFE). Click for the extensive spotlight on the film with stunning pics.
I've already announced that Steven Spielberg is preparing a Biblical epic, and according to "Deadline" it seems he is now in final talks with
Warner Brothers to helm GODS AND KINGS, which is being described as a Braveheartish version of the Moses story in which the Jewish leader will be shown as the warrior to beat all warriors. Before this, Spielberg has to finish LINCOLN and ROBOPO- CALYPSE. Another flick I've mentioned before, comedic thriller FILTH is preparing for production as well. Based on the novel by Irvine Welsh (TRAINSPOTTING), and with a rather strong cast which includes James McAvoy, Jamie Bell, Jim Broadbent, Eddie Marsan and Imogen Poots, the story is centred on an Edinburgh police detective who manipulates everyone in his path to secure a promotion and win back his wife and daughter.

Prepare to see lots of pregnant ladies, 'cause funny character posters for WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN YOU ARE EXPECTING have just been released. Ready to premier in May, and based on the famous self-help mega bestseller on pregnancy, this is an ensemble romantic comedy made in the vein of LOVE ACTUALLY and VALENTINE'S DAY.
The film is a modern look at love through the eyes of four interconnected couples experiencing the thrills and surprises of having a baby, and ultimately coming to understand the universal truth that no matter what you plan for, life doesn't always deliver what's expected.
The stellar cast includes a bunch of amazingly gorgeous ladies and gents from Cameron Diaz and Elizabeth Banks to Brooklyn Decker, Matthew Morrison, Rodrigo Santoro, Chace Crawford, Joe Manga Hunky Niello (who's naked in the trailer, mladies) and that fur wearing evilness Jennifer Lopez. There are also Dennis Quaid and Megan Mullally.

One of the saddest news to arrive today is that amazingly talented, shockingly creative and almost otherworldly gifted costume designer
Eiko Ishioka (73), has died this weekend in Tokyo from pancreatic cancer :( As you know, she was HOLLYWOOD SPY's favourite costume designer of all times who made some of the most brilliant,
mindblowing and absolutely legendary costumes in cinematic history from the dreamy ones in THE CELL and THE FALL, to epic ones in IMMORTALS, lovely ones in MIRROR MIRROR and the Oscar
winning ones in BRAM STOKER'S DRACULA. She mostly worked with equally amazing Tarsem Singh. I'm utterly shocked, she will be missed greatly!
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Napbas 2011

Finally I'm blogging about the Napbas like a century after everybody else!

Unfortunately I was a little overwhelmed during the event and didn't take many pictures.

I lied.

I took many pictures with people who wanted pictures with me, just not with my camera. :p

WHAT? It's the ONE time in 2 years where I am like a star at an event ok?! Want to be a bit happy about it cannot ah?!

So back to me saying I didn't take many pictures... Fortunately I have friends who did take a lot of pics so I can steal from their blogs!! Namely Qiuqiu wtf, who is actually a master at photoshop. She edited me so well that I didn't bother to liquify anything about myself from the pictures she edited, plus on top of good aesthetic sense she edits like 200 pictures within a few hours. Every single person in her pics are edited because she is that nice. -_- Well I can just retire now and let the young people take over. I cannot do this photoshop crap anymore, my neck and arm muscles are killing me. QIU YOU JUST WAIT THIS WILL HAPPEN TO YOU WHEN YOU OLD.

The Singaporean bloggers all took 2 coaches up to KL's Marriott hotel where the event was held and we were all invited to stay. It was quite a fun ride but the coach got lost so by the time we arrived it was time for hair and makeup already!

This pic Qiuqiu took (as you can see from the watermark I put *ahem*) as I was in her hotel room (she was bunking with Sophie) putting on false lashes.

Amazingly enough someone put this picture on tumblr... It has over 10,000 notes! o_O I told Mike he is famous now as a dude in the background.

Btw my hair was done by Number 76style, a hair salon in KL opened by Japanese. My hair styling was done by a Japanese girl named Hikkey. She's awesome!

That's all my real hair btw, no extensions.

My sequinned dress is from Topshop at like $280 or something. The back was really loose for me but my Momo did some magic sewing and made it fit like a glove. Mad love for her!! How the hell she can sew sequins, I'd never find out.

Cheesie came into the room to get ready with us and camwhore!

Love this picture ALL of us girls were camwhoring at the same time with our own cameras! This is from Qiu's. Mine turned out blur. -_-

Here's another blur picture I took. FFFFUUU Y U NO BLUR WHEN I UGLY MUST BLUR WHEN I CHIO?!

A picture with His Royal Handsomeness Feat. Bradley Cooper's hair

Hate the lashes I chose for the day!

In 2009's Napbas my makeup was really fug and my hairstyle didn't suit me, because I experimented with new things, namely that pouffy hair and solotica contacts which I wore for the first time.

This year I swore to stick to makeup and hair that I already know works, so I chose a pair of lashes that I tried on at home and liked.

They were droopy as hell on the awards day. ANGRY! Oh well.

Qiu tonging and tonging nonstop while Mike stares out of a window. He stared for a long time. It's a little creepy but I suppose it's better than if he joins in our makeup session or keeps staring at the room full of gorgeous girls (I AM TALKING ABOUT THE REST OF THEM! Not really, me included. LOL).

Cheesie: "Look! Look mommy I took a picture!" 

In the background is Sophie...

And here is Sophie's caption: "I don't know why these girls are fussing so much over their hair and makeup I don't need crap like that I'm Eurasian and naturally gorgeous even when I'm farting and kicking a kitten."

LOL When we were all dressed and ready Sophie was like still in casual clothes! She said getting ready doesn't require much time. ANGMOH HAO LIAN LAH!!

Cheesie photobombing me!

And me photobombing her!! 

This photo of me is so fugly and yet I appreciate that Cheesie even tried to liquify me to look better (see black space around border). LOLOL

And then we adjourned to the ballroom...

Where I take this one shitty blurry picture of a happy Qiu and Soph and Jess in the background before I'm mobbed by hundreds of photo requests. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!

Think Jess took this for me! With Ming, co-founder of Nuffnang and definitely a 贵人 in my life!

Cheesie and I went to take pictures with our nomination boards! 

Not everyday you get printed on a poster, ok?

I also helped her snap shots of her with the Best Fashion Blog background but this pic of her turned out the chioest so I shall post it even though it's with my Best Lifestyle Blog nomination.

At the table!

With Aud too!

Before we could even settle in, the first award for Best Photography Blog was being given out.

I had a shock because it was sooooooooooooo GRAND.

There was intense music and spotlights and best of all, there were five panels forming the backdrop of the stage which could display different pictures!

As the nominations were read out, the panels showed the pictures of the bloggers and a deep manly voice recited their accolades.

Like this!

It was all just... MAJESTIC. With an epic soundtrack like the Oscars. And there was a red carpet and all!!

And when the first winner was announced, his giant headshot and screenshots of his blog flashed on the panels, larger than life, announcing "WINNER" in big letters.

All I could think of when I saw it was "WOW. THAT WAS AWESOME. I WANT THAT."

Too soon they were announcing for the Best Fashion Blog... I was trembling too coz I was so nervous for Cheesie!!


So happy for her!!

Even though Cheesie is not the high-end avant garde fashiony sort like most fashion bloggers are, she is definitely the most hardworking vain person ever and she takes pictures of her clothes like EVERYDAY so she totally deserves this! God know she influenced a lot of the styles I like now, like Liz Lisa etc and taught everyone all sorts of Cheat One tricks like how to tie a hair bow in 1 min. :D

Too soon it was the announcement of the Best Lifestyle Blog, which I was nominated for. I was nerve wrecked even though everyone around me was so confident I would win. In my heart I thought - this is the easy one. If I don't win this there is no way in hell I'd win Influential.

The announcer was talking. I was rehearsing a speech inside for when I go up the stage. Then TA DAH!!


The winner is Jenni Epperson, from Philippines.

I sat in stunned silence.

My face was on one of the 5 panels as a finalist and it got ERASED to form the words "WINNER" next to Jenni's face and screenshots of her blog.

But that was not what I saw when I looked at the stage. What I saw was this:

And then all around the table my friends were giving me pitying "Aw, are you ok?" looks. It was so embarrassing.

I just faked a smile and soldiered on. Ok I'm kidding. I don't think I bothered to fake a smile, I just was emo and grumpy after that, spending my night thinking unsavoury thoughts about Jenni and hating her.

What? I'm sorry I've never been that sort of person who can be happy for other people when it's at my expense ok?!

And of course Jenni had to be the nicest person ever (pic taken after the awards, she's in the suit) and I felt so guilty. Actually all of the Filipino bloggers are super friendly and nice!!

So anyway as I was saying, I was being emo after that. Everyone kept telling me that I was bound to win for Influential, which wasn't announced yet.

It just made me sadder. They just didn't get it. One of the finalists, the one from Thailand, had 600,000 facebook fans!! I only had 60,000! If I can't win for Lifestyle where the finalists had a few thousand visitors a day to their site daily, how can I POSSIBLY win for Influential!?

Then Cheesie's mom called her and she said "Ma... I won..." with a voice choked with emotion and it made me wanna cry, partly out of being touched for Cheesie and partly because I thought of my own mom, anxiously waiting at home for the results. She already asked me TWICE if I won, and now I have to tell her I lost both awards.

And then I tweeted that I lost Lifestyle...

I expected gloaters but no, all I got were really sweet blog readers who told me they think I'm the best no matter what, they'd always vote for me, and whether I win or not doesn't matter because to them, I already won.


Before I knew it they were announcing the dreaded Most Influential Blog and I didn't even fucking prepare a speech but the most unimaginable thing happened:



I was just... WTF man... Couldn't believe it!!

(Also thanks to Aud whom I can see is sincerely happy for me lol)

And when I came down back to my seat... I thought of how awesome my blog readers are...

People always say I have hordes of sheep supporting me, but they are not, each of them are warm-blooded individuals with minds of their own... who believed in me and thought I deserved to win. They all made an effort for me; took time out of their day for me. And I'm so horrible (see unsavoury thoughts towards Jenni), I totally don't deserve this trophy at all...

And there my friends were, congratulating me, hugging me, being happy for me. My husband was beaming at me with pride. My life is so fucking smashing awesome and yet I was whining over losing a trophy and didn't see it.

Next thing I knew I was full out sobbing.

Which made Cheesie and Qiuqiu cry as well lol

Mike kept taking my crying pictures...

Now Cheesie can be happy about her award without considering my feelings! LOL

And before I even had the chance to compose myself, I heard the other co-founder of Nuffnang, Tim, on stage talking about Region's Best Blog and how carefully Nuffnang selected the winner based on points and votes.

I honestly wasn't even paying attention to him because for some reason I thought someone at Nuffnang told me that this award cannot be given to the same person twice and so I thought I was ineligible to win!

Just like everyone else in the ballroom I was excited to see who the winner would be this year.

AND WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS..............?


Here I am, giving my speech on stage while actually crying. I think I gave quite a nice speech but alas nobody recorded it -_-

As you can tell Tim was very bemused by the tears and kept asking me why I was crying. I can't even explain!! I was just so overwhelmed with overlapping emotions!!

Happiness, gratitude, surprise, anxiety, guilt from feeling unworthy etc. It's too much!!

I'm the Region's Best Blog among Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, China, Hongkong and Australia! HOW?!

Double winner!! 

Surprisingly enough after I won the awards (and an Olympus camera PLUS and iPhone 4S from Celcom!!) I remembered that out of the jumble of thoughts I had, the one that kept hitting me was being worried everyone's gonna fucking hate me like mad because I won 3 awards in 2009 and swept away another 2 in 2011.

This came true shortly with the Aussie parenting bloggers. But as people all told me... Fuck them! I'm the one with the awards. ;)

A HUGE HUGE THANK YOU to Nuffnang for making my life so smashing.

I know I've said this so many times but where would we bloggers without you guys? I'd possibly be doing some admin job or would be in a miserable studio somewhere photoshopping people's wedding pictures for them.

And yet here I am, earning a living doing exactly what I love to do.

Thank you for bringing respect to bloggers, thank you for building the community where I made so many awesome friends, thank you for the last 4 years of love and care, and lastly, thank you for giving us bloggers NAPBAS, one special night just for us to feel important and special.

And of course, loads and loads of hugs and kisses for every one of you who voted for me.


Just look at the damn crying picture ok? That's me appreciating it loads!!!!!

You guys are the best and I'm planning a way to repay you all. I'd let you know when it comes to fruition!
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